Best Sleep

We’ve all experienced the negative benefits of sleep so you don’t get enough sleep you don’t feel good.
But there are massive and there are huge impacts on your mind on your body and your spirit on your energy.

1、impair cognitive function

What that means is you’re not thinking as clearly as you should if you’re not thinking as well as you should.
And that’s a problem.That’s not what we want, we want to sleep well.We want to be able to think clearly and take on the day’s challenges.That being said impaired cognitive function up to 50 percent of your problem solving skills are affected when you don’t get sleep.
So a 50 percent difference in your problem solving skills that’s a big deal.
So day or day if you’re not getting enough sleep you’re not being able to solve the problems in your life as well either.

2、reaction time being slower

So there are things going on in your life that feels like things are getting thrown at you figuratively then you’re not going to be able to deal and handle and adapt and change to those things as well.
It’s also slowed mental processing so it takes you a lot longer to process something to understand it and to act on it as well.

3、the immune system function is destroied

What this means when you have your immune system affected you’re not able to combat diseases Well you’re not able to combat sickness as well.
So you more likely to get sick and then be even more worse feeling and worse off because you weren’t able to get the sleep.

4、Gain weight

most people don’t know this but the fact that if you don’t get enough sleep you’re actually going to be at a higher risk of gaining weight.
So if you want to lose weight, sleep better.
it’s important in your life in accomplishing what you want to do.

So when you’re sleepy when you’re drowsy and you’re driving for example you’re a lot more likely to get into accidents ,you’re a lot more likely to cause problems and cause damage to yourself into your car by not getting enough sleep.

So sleep is absolutely important.
These are all things that are bad things we want to avoid.

What if we could perform 10 percent better at work by getting the better sleep by getting a deeper sleep and by being more in tune with our sleep schedule.
What if you could do 10 percent better and work at life in all areas of your life.
Best way to do that is to focus on sleep .
We’re going to break down how to get a deeper sleep how to get a longer sleep how to feel better when you wake up.

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